Updating bathtubs shower stalls

The tiled floors in muted tones contribute to the relaxing experience.

This striking stone tub makes a statement in the center of this his-and-hers bath.

We have more than 30 designer colors to choose from, and our easy-to-clean surfaces are extremely durable.

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UPDATE: We sold our house in 10 days so doing the makeover paid off for us.

Here is what the shower looked like BEFORE: Remember when I stenciled the shower door here and removed the door to the bathroom since it covered the shower door. We initially planned to just replace the door, but after talking to a real estate agent…we went a little further with the makeover.

A shower is sometimes the ONLY place we can get a few precious, solitary, quiet moments.

It can be a short time of zen and relaxation at the beginning or end of the day. The shower and tub were absolutely functional, which is great. And similar to nude pantyhose, nude shower enclosures had their hey-day, but the 90's has come and gone, and this shower enclosure needed to go, too. It cost about to update our tile shower and tub, and took one weekend to complete.

So I headed to the the new Floor & Decor that recently opened in the Philadelphia area to find discounted tile that would make the shower feel like a spa.

When we vacationed in Mexico, the shower in our room had a pebbled tile floor that I loved.

When I saw these flat mosaic pebbles I knew they would become part of the new shower.

I also had to find tile that would look good with the existing ceramic tile on the floor of the bathroom since that was staying.

We, and I say “we” since I did not DIY this makeover…we hired a contractor to do it for us.

The wet bed and plumbing involved were more than I felt comfortable doing myself.

Image courtesy of Toto Deep soaker tubs are replacing water-jet Jacuzzi tubs in today's bathrooms.