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At the time Clinton was a 23 year-old graduate student visiting Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship.

Juanita Broaddrick, 1978 – Juanita Broaddrick was a nursing home administrator in Arkansas when Bill Clinton swung by during his gubernatorial campaign.

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It is a way of alerting the mind and body about trouble, but it is also a chemical process that allows the body to try and be safe.

The sensory information is sent through a person’s central nervous system, and into the thalamus, which works a little like a switchboard.

The reality about sex workers that prey among drivers at truck stops is that many of them are forced into the industry.

Organizations such as Truckers Against Trafficking exist to get members of the transportation and travel plaza industry to help fight against sex trafficking.

Just in time for Halloween, a new video from the American Chemical Society explores exactly what would be happening inside someone’s body as they are being chased by a murderer in a slasher film.

The creators of the video point out that the experience of watching people get chased through a slasher film is actually similar to being there — though the actual thing is presumably a little more intense.

But what exactly would it feel like to get stuck in one?

Scientists have explored many of the things that happen to the body and the mind as it approaches death — and while much of it still remains mysterious, the experience can be understood through the various chemical reactions and events that are happening in the brain.

We’ve all heard of those ladies (and gentleman) of the night that have been rumored to roam truck stops seeking out lonely drivers.

In this business, they’re affectionately known as “Lot Lizards” due to their tendency to crawl from truck to truck soliciting drivers seeking money for sexual acts or drugs (sometimes both).

So I thought I'd take a few minutes to briefly review the timeline of sexual assault allegations made against former President Bill Clinton.