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Flames, exes, hookups, boyfriends, and girlfriends of Ricky Martin.

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“She says it’s so refreshing traveling with friends and reconnecting with her girlfriends and she’s loved being free and unattached and spending what free time she has with girlfriends,” a source tells Us.

I was recently having a cheeky weekend off in Zurich seeing friends, when early that Sunday morning an email popped into my in-tray from Martin Parr (yes THE Martin Parr) requesting a dating photo shoot as part of his Autoportrait series.

As the founder of a small business, I’m getting used to pushing myself way out my comfort zone but, even so, the thought of shooting Martin Parr struck me as being one of the most challenging things I’ve done since launching Hey Saturday over three years ago.

One of our London photographers, the super cool Polly, was able to assist on the day and in fact documented the whole experience.

If there was ever a time to point to something and say "see, girls really do like jerks! Late last year, a woman named Jacklyn Collier went on a date with pharma bro Martin Shkreli some time after his AIDs drug price hike occurred.

And then she wrote about it for The Washington Post. ” He wasn’t being a jerk; it was more of an “I’m stressed because my date doesn’t put raw fish in her mouth” kind of comment. He also apparently admitted that just one drink was enough for him: "Martin told me that he was a lightweight, something I’d never heard a man admit on a date (or ever)." Collier seems kind of impressed by this.Although he considered making her his wife, the two split.In 2010, Ricky Martin came out as gay on his website.So I got him booked in the diary for the following week and we agreed to do the shoot near his studios around the Barbican, where he had recently curated.I ain’t gonna lie, the thought of shooting one of the UK’s best living photographers was daunting to say the least.He was so cool and, after a quick chat about outfits, wasn’t afraid to rock his Henry Holland sweatshirt with matching hat.