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"Two black gadgets in her hand are all she thinks about," White spits about a female antagonist on "Freedom at 21," before getting Pat-Robertson-preachy: "No responsibility, no guilt or morals cloud her judgment." There are other strange transgressions by women against men on Blunderbuss.

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Jean, along with drummer Shelby Lynne and bassist Ruby Rogers, owe more to Jack White than many—and potentially even themselves—realize. RUBY ROGERS: I'm Ruby Rogers, and I play bass guitar. JEAN: We are okay with playing with that label of Goth.

Despite the literal darkness of their outfits and their songs, they know how to laugh at themselves, and revel in doing so. O'BRIEN: John, you are now outnumbered by the feminists. []TAYLOR: Guys, could you all introduce yourselves? Because, we don't really try to be the way we look, we just kind of are.[] That's what we like. I think it's pretty awesome that you know who you are.

PHOTO COURTESY OF JOSHUA BLACK WILKINS It's probably safe to say that, as head of Third Man Records, Jack White likes to do things a little bit differently. The Belles, much like White and the Third Man label itself, are for the lack of better words, cool. ROGERS: She helped us out in the studio, and we needed someone with more of a commitment. O'BRIEN: So how long did it take you guys to put together your first album? TAYLOR: At what moment did you guys know that you wanted to join together as a band? I did it for myself, but I didn't play anything live, because I didn't have a band.

Whether complaining about the , having Gary Oldman direct one of his live performances, or opening up to Buzz Aldrin, White is a man with an eye for the eccentric. Their steely-eyed stoicism and Victorian sense of fashion initially appear too good to be true—they look as though they might have walked out of one of White's fever dreams. But once we all met, we kind of collaborated together and shared ideas, threw all those ideas together and we had a lot of material to work with.

Women have long been up to no good in the eccentric world of Jack White's songs.

But on Blunderbuss, his solo album out this week, they finally indulge in White's most famous bugaboo: cell phones.

Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys will call women "psychotic" and lament exes, but it rarely gets personal the way it does with White. In fact, with his nasty barbs and self-pitying complaints, White's lyrics almost have more resemblance to early-2000s emo bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! But Blunderbuss, more than anything that's come before it, crystalizes White's longstanding issues with women.

Maybe that's because it's his first-ever solo record, and maybe that's because it comes on the heels of his second divorce, from model Karen Elson.

The first ever feature film with synchronized sound dialogue and music, it basically killed off the silent film era.

Before we all take to the comments, yes, I’m aware that Jolson was best known as a blackface performer, and that this is now recognized by reasonable people as racist and offensive.

The 35-year-old rocker married Elson -- also a musician -- in 2005.