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Or, more simply, have we just realized that dating freakishly beautiful people isn’t all it's cracked up to be?

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You think that out of all the guys or girls who could potentially hurt you, your friend is the least likely to.It’s a security blanket – the security of not being disappointed by the opposite sex yet again. Sometimes you’ll find that guy or girl in your friend group who has been crushing on you all along and the both of you will start a very healthy, long relationship. But speaking from experience, that usually isn’t the case.But you’ll probably reach a point when you get tired of that.The walk of shame, piecing together who you kissed the night before, etc – it might all become too much for you. Many college students believe that dating a friend is going the safe route.The other day, at a Fashion Week party, my friend Alan and I stood against a wall, scanning the room for hot people, as you do.

“It’s weird,” he said contemplatively, staring into a sea of models.“Lately, in order to want to sleep with someone, I actually have to them as a person.” He said this as if it were a mind-blowing revelation.I told him that, at 31, the realization was probably a bit overdue, but I knew what he meant: As one gets older, it becomes harder and harder to be attracted to someone simply because of the way they look.There comes a time in your college career when you will become jaded.You’ve done the random hookups, the dance floor makeouts and maybe even the one night stands.We are a "no borders" type of site, and welcome all races, religions and sexual orientations.