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Trust me if there is something I really do want to do you wont have to wonder i will very much so say what is on my mind at an given time.

Because I have been getting asked, my degree is in Computer Gaming and Simulation Programing.

The familiar story about income inequality and the lost middle class often starts with bots and boxes.Technology and automation (often summed up as "robots") have destroyed routine-based middle-class jobs, widening the gap between the rich and poor.Globalization (i.e.: international trade, symbolized by the container box) has eliminated a swath of well-paid work, like manufacturing.But forget about technology and trade for a moment.Plagued with guilt over a terrible deed, alcohol is his only escape from the nightmare of reality.

Lucy finds herself in a puzzle she has yet to gather all the pieces.

Ch.10: Utopia - "Something like Freedom doesn't exist in this world"The Great Demon King Dragneel is scouring the kingdom for a worthy princess bringing destruction and chaos along the way.

Sorry had to repost this b/c of some fanfic errors.

But with each card she collects, her blood pressure rises because apparently all of them want her as their mistress.

Alice/Everyone After being caught in the explosion of a portal, Lucy finds herself traveling through other worlds, without any way to contact her friends.

One day average 16 year old Alice Liddell opens a book and unleashes a set of cards that will basically blow the world up if she doesn't collect them all.