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Mystery left Mystery Method Corporation with Lovedrop (Chris Odom) and James Matador (Stan Tayi) to form Venusian Arts.

Two members of Venusian Arts, Mystery (Erik von Markovik) and Matador (Stan Tayi) had roles on the VH-1 reality TV show "The Pickup Artist" which was written for Mystery.

The show has ran for two seasons and helped Venusian Arts to quickly become a strong brand in the dating advice coaching market.

In 2007 Venusian Arts partnered with Mike Long (an Internet marketer) to bring to market the "Magnus Opus: Mind of Mystery" DVD program.

Venusian Arts is one of the largest dating coaching companies in the world.

Led by Mystery (Erik von Markovik) this was almost inevitable since he is the dating guru to have received the most media attention thanks to his exposure in "The Game" and VH-1's "The Pickup Artist".

The vast majority of the method remains Mystery's work.

Venusian Arts is the company founded by Mystery after he separated from his partner Nick Savoy (Savoy) at Mystery Method Corporation.

Taking to Snapchat on Monday, the reality star, 26, hinted she had reconciled with her former flame Arthur Collins as she revealed more of the mystery man she had earlier posed in bed with.

Pouting down the lens, the TOWIE starlet snuggled up to a mystery man, whose identity was concealed by a fur-lined parka jacket.

But for one legitimate dating guru that emerges from this community there are probably ten others who are rehashing content and republishing the same techniques to make money with their crappy rehashed ebooks.

I want you to be aware that something more is at play here.

hat I am about to say may surprise you, or even anger you.