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You just want to start a fight."When a die-hard pigskin fan misses a game they really care about to do something that you want to do, that is a big deal. The bad news is it will probably also trigger a very long and boring answer.

Please acknowledge that, and know the magnitude of sacrifice that has just been made.

Being a die-hard female football fan (Yes boys, I am single!

) with a lot of non-fan friends, I know exactly what you are going through. frequently slipping away to “go to the bathroom” or D.

This site is specially for UK footy fans and players to meet football singles, men, women, girls or even football groupies who share the same passion for the game.

We have thousands of girls who love football across most towns and cities in the United Kingdom.That can be as simple as just sitting there, clapping when they claps, or wearing a jersey. Yes, it’s cute and pink is a fabulous color but it has no place in the football world (minus breast cancer month).Imagine you’re watching your favorite show and your Bagel is talking throughout the whole thing… There is nothing more obnoxious than someone pretending they know what they are talking about.If you’re not a fan, you may feel that this surging tide of shoulder pads and analysis is a menace.It has long been my hypothesis that in most long-term relationships football has some role.Read on for the 411 no matter your level of football love.