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This is a list of current state leaders ordered by their continuous tenure in a position of national leadership.

In countries with different heads of state and heads of government, both offices are listed.

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Here I present my reasons for good grammar being important.

It boils down to this: " - more than one girl inhabits the room Example 3: "ie" or "eg" Confusing these two is a very popular error, but do you realise that if you use the wrong one you're actually saying something quite different to what you wanted to say?

So when you are referring to something specific, you should use ie, and when you are giving an example, use eg. for example, some of your world-famous potato salad." If ie had been used here, it would have meant that you have been asked specifically to bring some potato salad. Does this interrupt your flow of thought and spoil the reading experience a little (or a lot)?

If the author had paid a little more attention to his or her use of grammar, it would probably have been easier to read.

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For leaders who held the same office prior to their state's independence, the start of their tenure is used, not independence.

For a list of heads of state taking dates of independence into account, see List of heads of state by diplomatic precedence.

From time to time I find myself getting involved in a discussion about grammar.