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So him and laura spent more time together than him and and laura are like the king and queen of couples and i am sure a lot of people out there think that is not interisted in ross! asked on 10/27/2012 at 03/18/2013 at say no so i dont think they 06/08/2013 at i dont think they 06/21/2013 at 06/21/2013 at lynch was dating laura marano.

I mean like maia and ross only made 1 movie,but him and laura are in a tv and ross have a relationship much like ross and his sister and maia and her little he never dated laura lynch and laura marano 07/04/2013 at pm.

Maia deserves to be with david 08/31/2013 at they would be a perfect couple they both like music to surf and probable a whole bunch of other by kitty cats go meow meow!!

Even thou i was part of this fight, we should just not argue anymore and say, maia and ross are together!Doesnt mean that when laura and ross was dating in the movie they were already doing it in life..with maia and ross..lynch was just interviewed right after they finished "teen beach movie" he said; he learned so many things,and its a secret, what happens it puerto rico stays in puerto rico,and he even said that he and maia became super super close while making the movie they would even hang out in the middle of the night and call each other like 6am and walk down the shore like 2o'clock in the morning and play guitar,swim and a lot more.even described his ideal woman he said that his ideal woman is fun to hang out with like spontanious , just being herself, not so fake, loves to surf, awesome and know how to play guitars..guys ross lynch likes maia, and ross isnt the type of laura, i just read it on be fair.lynch and laura marano was dating in the movie but not so in life they just had some kind of a love team while maia mitchell and ross lynch was dating in the movie and in real just starting to ask maia out.. But then he made a movie with maia because they dated in they movie doesn't mean that they dated in real life.On 08/09/2013 at laura already have a boyfriend his name is adam irigoyen, adam just approved that she could kiss ross in the movie just to make the movie superb.believe me im a big fan of ross lynch so i always watch and read every interview of him and every history of him.. Definition of dating website profile help Laura and ross!web based chat client for fastpath Seit über 10 Jahren sind wir für Sie da.Unsere Kunden zählen auf die Qualität der Ersatzteile und des Zubehörs, die unser Onlineshop Ihnen zu günstigen Preisen zu bieten hat.If you want to meet someone just go ahead and tell her or him about it!