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The peoples of Sesklo built their villages on hillsides near fertile valleys, where they grew wheat and barley, also keeping herds of mainly sheep and goats, though they also had cattle, swine and dogs.

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The earliest occurrence reported in the Near East is at Çatalhöyük, in stratum VI, dating c.Ancient Greece: Alexander the Great built the first Greek ice house.Even normal Greeks and Roman bought snow and ice, at snow shops, that was imported on donkey trains!The Neolithic settlement was discovered in the 1800s and the first excavations were made by Greek archaeologist, Christos Tsountas.The oldest fragments researched at Sesklo place the civilization's development as far back as c. 6190 BC, known as proto-Sesklo and pre-Sesklo and they show an advanced agriculture and a very early use of pottery that rivals in age those of the near east.So how did we exactly arrive at the best Canadian dating sites for hook-ups?